Regional Reports

The primary focus of the International Disability Rights Monitor (IDRM) project is a series of regional reports. From time to time, the IDRM will also produce reports with a specific theme, for example, after the natural disaster of the tsunami in December 2005, the IDRM produced a report that documented Disability and Early Tsunami Relief Efforts. To date, the project has completed regional reports on the Americas, Asia, and its latest report on Europe. The IDRM regional reports are compiled by local IDRM researchers in each of the countries included in the report.

The IDRM country reports focus on several key areas such as legal protections, education, employment, accessibility and health and housing services for people with disabilities. IDRM regional reports include a collection of country reports and also a report card which allows comparison of progress made by countries across the region.

IDRM Regional & Themed Reports

Download: Regional Report of Europe 2007

Download: Regional Report of Asia 2005

Download: Disability and Early Tsunami Relief Efforts in India, Indonesia and Thailand